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Turn any smartphone into a scanner


CamScanner for Intelligent Document Management
CamScanner is an intelligent solution for document management for individuals, small businesses, organizations, governments and schools. It is the perfect fit for those who want to explore, synchronize, edit, share and manage different content in the options of the devices users. * 60 million mobiles for the document scanned worldwide

  • CamScanner , 50 best iPhone Apps, edition of 2013 – time
  • “The application uses its own crop image and improving the algorithm that leads to clearer images.” –
  • “CamScanner may be the best deal to scan documents on your iPhone.” –
  • * Top Developer – Google StoreFeatures Game:
  • * Access to Web documents
    can now log in to your account and edit the file name, add tags, add notes; Manage documents and share documents by copying the link or social media.
  • Quick Scan document
    Use your camera phone to scan (take a photo of) all kinds of paper documents: receipts, notes, invoices, whiteboard discussions, cards, certificates, etc. Batch scan mode saves even more time . The auto detects and adjusts the orientation of the document.
  • Optimize scan quality
    Smart cultivation and self improvement make CamScanner unique. Ensures the texts and graphics in the scanned documents are clear and crisp with premium colors and resolutions.
  • Easy search document
    Find all documents in seconds. OCR for search allows you to easily find keywords within PDF files, saves the hassle of browsing between tons of documents.


CamScanner edition documents allow you to edit the document name, add notes, customize watermark and make notes on your mobile.

  • Intelligent Document Management
    Intelligent administration of documents on the go. You can assign documents in groups, sort documents by date, label documents, view documents in list / thumbnail mode and etc. Set passwords for confidential documents prevent information leaks.
  • Sign up and sync documents
    Sign up with CamScanner and backup / sync documents on the go. Simply log in and you can access, edit, share and synchronize documents through smartphones, tablets, Computers and the cloud.
  • Share & upload help
    Upload images of scanned documents to cloud storage; Fax scanned documents; Share documents between mobile devices and computers via WiFi; Share documents on your mobile or on by sending the document link Premium account
  • Add additional 10G cloud space for document storage
  • Support high quality scans
    -Extract text in PDF files for later edit or share
  • Link password protected sharing documents
  • No limits on times annotate document
  • there watermarks on PDF file generated
  • No ads CamScanner users scan and manage * Bill, invoice, contract, roller tax, business cards …
  • Blackboard, Memo, Script, letter …
  • Blackboard, note, PPT, book, article …
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