Android Box – Launchers


UNICA TV Launcher

This is a launcher optimized for TV devices.
* D-pad optimized navigation
* Automatic TV icons for Android TV enabled apps
* Fast and Easy access to your most used apps
* Simple search feature
* Apps can be organized by categories for quick access
* Custom wallpapers selected to fit this launcher layout


TvHome Launcher

TvHome – new minimalistic launcher for Android TV set-top boxes.
You need a fast, simple and easy to use launcher for your Android TV set-top box?
Tired of bulky programs? Then TvHome just for you!


HALauncher (Full)

Usually, Android TV’s home launcher doesn’t show sideloaded apps. By using the “HALauncher”, you can display and run apps designed for smartphones and tablets using a 1-click operation.

Ugoos TV

Ugoos TV Launcher 1.4.7

Ugoos Launcher performs a better look and functionality to your Android TV Box. Adaptive remote controller and air mouse support – Variety of nine color themes for main launcher elements

ATV Launcher

ATV Launcher

Launcher for Android TV set-top boxes, TVs and tablets. Allows you run apps designed for TVs, smartphones and tablets using a 1-click operation. No need additional tools or applications.

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