NOVA Launcher Prime

NOVA Launcher Prime APK 6.2.1

The paid version (Nova Prime) even allows “swipe” actions — for example showing my bookmarks when swiping up on the Chrome icon. Custom is the key here, and Nova Launcher gives you the options to focus on all the fine details of what you see on your screen, how it all looks and how things work together.

TESLA Unread

TESLA Unread 5.1.2

Simplified user interface
Improved handling of unread counts from notifications
Improved or added support for several more apps
Added crash and usage analytics (and internet permission) to help identify issues and further improve TeslaUnread

APEX Notifier

APEX Notifier

Apex Notifier is an extension application for Apex Launcher Pro (2.3+) and DashClock Widget (Android 4.2+). It provides notification data to those applications and does nothing on its own. … To set up, just launch Apex Notifier on your phone and turn on Battery > Show on Android Wear.

Apex Launcher Pro

Apex Launcher Pro 4.7.4 (mod)

Apex Launcher is all about ramping-up the control you have over your home screens and the apps menu. It lets you fit a frankly ridiculous maximum number of app icons on each, letting you seriously supercharge how much you can make use of your phone or tablet’s screen pixels.

Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher (mod) v1-9-4-06 unlocked

change the look of your device regularly, or simply try out new things every once in a while. Not completely satisfied with your phone’s look? Change it every day until you find the one you like most.

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