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Usually, Android TV’s home launcher doesn’t show sideloaded apps. By using the “HALauncher”, you can display and run apps designed for smartphones and tablets using a 1-click operation.


This is NOT a Home App. You can continue to use the default Home app.

This launcher is recommended for all users who sideload apps and all apps will be available in the “Apps List” section.

HALauncher was designed using Android 5.0 material Design so it fits right in with the Android TV. It is highly customizable allowing you to change the color scheme, background graphic, icon graphic, add widgets to the home screen and remove the side panel completely to facilitate a cleaner home screen appearance.

HALauncher lets you lock the screen orientation to horizontal and create shortcuts to applications, webpages, IPTV channels and videos stored on your harddrive by using the “Create Shortcut” feature.

If you sideload apps on any Android TV device, you need HALauncher!


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